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Feb 2, 2013 6:00am PST
better if joseph stalin had not existed. >> without joseph stalin, we might not have won the war. we have to acknowledge that. >> a fleet of minibuses is touring the country to mark the anniversary of soviet victory over nazi germany. an historian of the memorial human rights center reflects on the reasons the putin government might have to glorify joseph stalin. >> it is about a time in which people voluntarily surrender responsibility for their country and for themselves to one single individual. it could well be the state would like people to get used to that kind of thing again. >> whatever people think of joseph stalin, there is a consensus that the veterans of stalingrad are war heroes. >> in sports news, the first match of the weekend, bremen over and over, 2-zero. >> the strikers saved the best for last in this battle of northern german rivals. in the previous 85 minutes, he had 80 -- shots they had shots on goal was nothing to score era there were several excellent saves by the hanover keeper that besides level. they were showing real fight but it did no good. after the break, th
Feb 8, 2013 2:30pm PST
of joseph stalin. they are organizing meetings again, trying to force us to sign letters condemning him. they tried that last week, but all the ballet teachers in the bolshoi refused to file it. >> three weeks ago, the troupe's artistic director was attacked with sulfuric acid. the head of the ballet has accused him of creating an atmosphere of mudslinging, which he believes led to the incident. >> god forbid if you were attacked with acid, you would not be able to show your face four months. if you look at all of the specially commissioned tv shows that have been hinting at my involvement, it looks like a campaign against me. but they will not get away with it. >> i am speechless. what can i tell? i just hope that he will be cured as quickly as possible and that his eyesight is back, he will join us and continue to work. >> the dancer not only performs but he teaches as well, and he claims they were trying to take away his students. >> in december, that asked to see my pupils. they told her if she left, there would give them a spot in "swan lake." she refused, and i'm thankful for
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Feb 9, 2013 9:00pm PST
hitler and joseph stalin had a lot of fans, too. goes with the territory. >> judge jeanine: it is pathetic but amazing how some people are going to his side on this in spite of the fact that he is accused of murdering three people. we are just now hearing that he had some flight training. he was on the police department. he was in the reserves with the navy. it seems a guy with all this training is now in the cat bird seat. should law enforcement be concerned? should the public be concerned? >> well, certainly he is a serious threat for -- before you add all of the training he is a serious threat because he has taken three lives. he is armed. and he is motivated to kill people to make his statement. now, that being said, he wasn't all that trained that extensively trained on lapd. he was trained just enough where he could probably go out in a police car by himself. he had the basic amount of training for a uniformed officer is of lapd. nothing extensive, nothing special. his naval training this warfare unit i think it is a support group for the nuclear subs when they are at statio
Feb 22, 2013 12:00pm EST
are germany under adolf hitler, russia under joseph stalin and china which led to some of the biggest amounts of mass murder in the entire 20th century so we should keep in mind the other stuff during the debate that the initial reason we had the right to bear arms was to prevent tyranny and government just to make sure that isn't lost among the emotional issue. >> host: thanks for the call. >> guest: i think she certainly the shooting wasn't a gun-free zone and in las vegas yesterday it wasn't. it doesn't only happen in gun-free zones, it happens frankly everywhere. unfortunately, the conversation that we are talking about, background checks for example, making sure those are done on everybody is extrapolated to this degree that ultimately this will somehow result in people getting their door open and having someone take their guns which is in the conversation at all it's not what any of these bills or this legislation would do. it's frankly unconstitutional to do that. we have the decision that you cannot ban guns and i think that is a great decision for us because it removes the ki
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)